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  • 250V Ceramic Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse with in-rush current with stand capability in a 2410 SMD package size. These slow blow fuses are designed for LED driver and applications that require high DC voltage ratings and high DC interrupting ratings.

  • Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse 5A 125V helps provide overcurrent protection on systems that experience large and frequent current surges as part of their normal operation (at voltages up to 125 VDC).The slow-blow chip fuse’s monolithic, multilayer design helps provide some of the highest current ratings available in the 1206 and 0603 footprints and enhances high-temperature performance in a wide range of circuit protection designs.

  • One Time Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse is perfect updated model for typical subminiature fuses with anti-surge , easy soldering, excellent performances and small size. SMT process is current trend of electronics soldering , even future because electronics devices is becoming smaller and smaller around our life.

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