Linear resistor, resistance at a certain temperature is almost constant and a certain value. Nonlinear resistance ,resistance of some materials obviously changes with current (or voltage), and its volt-ampere characteristic is a curve.
Fusible resistor, also called fuse resistor. Normally plays the dual role of resistance and fuse. When the circuit fails and its power exceeds the rated power, it will fuse like a fuse and disconnect the connected circuit.

Sensitive resistor: resistance is sensitive to a certain physical quantity (such as temperature, humidity, light, voltage, mechanical force etc.). Resistance changed by physical quantities change.

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  • Power NTC Thermistor Thermal Resistor,designed for suppressing inrush current to an electric circuit and protects electric equipments from being damaged by limiting the inrush current.

  • Aolittel offers General Purpose SMD Multilayer Chip Resistor to fulfill diversified applications from automotive electronics, smartphones, networking devices, and much more

  • MELF Fusible Wirewound Film Fixed Resistor applies to electric light sources, switching power supplies, chargers, communication equipment, medical electronic equipment, test and measurement equipment, automobiles. Replacing plug-in resistors in electronic equipment such as electronics, industrial products, and household appliances.

  • Diameter 5mm Light Dependent Resistor is made of a kind semiconductor material and the conductivity has the linear changes with the illuminance change. With this feature, we get cds photoresistor with different shapes and areas. This product is environment-friendly packed. Standard Packaging: 200pcs for each small plastic bag, 2000pcs for each mid-sized box.

  • Disc varistor with wide voltage range 18-1800V and completed approvals CQC UL CSA VDE.The following is about Radial Leaded Voltage Dependent Resistor related, I hope to help you better understand Radial Leaded Voltage Dependent Resistor.

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