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  • As technology continues to advance, so too does our ability to measure and control temperature. One of the most promising developments in this area is the use of thermal resistors.


  • Multilayer inductors find application in various electronic systems and circuits. It's important to note that the specific application and design requirements will dictate the choice of multilayer inductor parameters, such as inductance value, current handling capability, self-resonance frequency, and size constraints.


  • Automotive fuse holder refers to the holder for installing automotive fuses.


  • Axial Leaded Alloy Thermal Fuse uses a metal conductor as a melt in series in an electric circuit.


  • With the development of science and technology, power/electronic products are increasingly diverse and complex, and the circuit structure and physical size of electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller. The selection of circuit protection and electronic protection devices may not seem like a high priority, but design should be started early to eliminate design problems and ensure the performance and reliability of your product.


  • Some evaluation criteria of this method: 1. After being energized for one hour at the rated current, the fuse will not blow out. 2. When energized at the rated current, the temperature rise of the fuse holder is less than 75 degrees. 3. When the fuse is energized with bidirectional rated current, the fuse will blow out within one minute. 4. After increasing the rated short-circuit capacity, continuous arc and ignition will not occur.