Pico Fuse

Pico fuse is an axial leaded subminiature fuse, that is offered in both fast acting and time lag . Fuse Pico voltage, ratings typically 125VAC and 250VAC.

 Pico fuse can be sized 3x7mm and 4x11mm, body is ceramic tube but coated by epoxy coating can resist high voltage and surge current, especially used for power adapter.

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  • What is a Coaxial Fast Acting Pico Fuse? A Coaxial Fast Acting Pico Fuse is an axial leaded subminiature fuse, that is offered in both fast acting, and time lag, versions. Fuse Pico voltage, ratings typically range from 32 volts to 350 volts AC with the most common fuses rated at 125 volts AC. Radial leads are offered in some Pico fuse series by bending the axial leads in the downward position. A Pico fuse typically carries a UL Recognition, and CSA Approval,. MIL Spec, versions of the Pico fuse are also available.

  • Explosion Proof Slow Blow Pico Fuse is Explosion Proof encapsulation , inside ceramic tube but outer coating is epoxy coating.Small size fuse saves space on printed circuit boards

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