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  • Fast Acting Surface Mounted Fuse surface mount fuses with thick film chip technology on ceramic substrates in 1206 case size which are low cost solutions with UL, CSA approvals.

  • Fast Acting High Inrush Surface Mounted Fuse is smallest-sized surface mount fuse all over global market with high inrush current withstanding capability, designed to interrupt up to 50A at 32V/63V, it is reliable overcurrent protection devices ideal for sensitive electronics

  • Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse 30A 250V was designed as UL 248-14,anti-surge type with high current rating up to 60A and voltage rating is 125V 250V AC, small size 10.25x3.2mm , it is ideal for electronic board protection solution such as LED driver and Power supply.

  • 350V Time Delay Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse was designed for high voltage withstand application rated at 350V AC and 72V DC , it is compatible with AC application and DC application in different application.

  • 300V Square Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse is a very small, Wire-in-Air (WIA) square shape surface mount fuse, designed for secondary side circuit over-current protection applications. These fuses are designed for PCB using surface mount technology.

  • Aolittel offers the widest selection of surface-mount fuses available for addressing a broad range of overcurrent protection applications. Helping to prevent costly damage and promote a safe environment for electronic and electrical equipment, our 125V Slow Blow Surface Mounted Fuse provides performance stability to support applications with current ratings from .5A up to 20A.

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