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What is the biggest function of the fuse holder?


Fuse holder is an electrical component installed in the circuit to provide insulation protection for the fuse and ensure the safe operation of the circuit. The function of the fuse holder is: when the circuit is faulty or abnormal, the current will continue to rise, and the rising current may damage some important or valuable components in the circuit, or it may burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the fuse sheathed fuse holder is correctly installed in the circuit, then the fuse will melt itself when the current rises to a certain height and a certain time, and dangerous situations such as fire may occur. At this time, the fuse holder prays to isolate it from the outside world. The role of the circuit, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Fuse holders are relatively good in the field of passive electronic component protection on the online board, and there are still many equipment industries that passive protection electronics are applied to. Now the application range of fuse holders is relatively wide, and in terms of technology, fuse holders are now also improved With the current technology and the rapid expansion of many industries in the current society, there is still a demand for fuse holders.
    Fuse holders have good insulation and stability and voltage resistance, and now fuse holders are mainly used on wires, such as pull-out box fuse holders and automobile fuse holders. Automobile fuse holders are better for electric vehicles and new energy vehicle equipment, and now automobile fuse holders are still very suitable for new energy equipment.

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