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Why fuse blown


Why fuse blown ?

1. The reason for the fuse blowing: any carrier of the electricity has a little resistance, including the fuse. When the current is too large (current short circuit and power consumption is too large), the resistance of the fuse will become large and generate heat energy. Due to the low melting point of the fuse, It will blow.

2. There is a difference between the current short circuit and the current overload: the current short circuit is the direct connection of the live wire and the neutral wire, without passing through the electrical appliance, and an almost unobstructed current loop is quickly generated. The extra large current passes through the fuse, and the resistance of the fuse suddenly increases and generates heat energy It is instantly blown; current overload is the total power of the electric appliance is too large, that is, the current consumed is too large. When the opened electric appliance is added, the current through the fuse increases continuously, and the resistance of the fuse gradually increases to generate heat energy Was blown. Yes, the principle of the two is the same, but the reason and process of formation are different.