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How to order fuse from us ?


How to order fuse from us ?

As buyer, it is important to buy correct fuse for your application,

1)     At first, pls let us know fuse type . You can describe from fuse name such as glass fuse, ceramic fuse, pico fuse, surface mount fuse, micro fuse , thermal fuse , blade fuse etc. If you are unfamiliar with fuse, you can provide us photos.

2)     Size 
Glass fuse 3.6x10mm , 5x15mm, 5x20mm, 6x30mm, 10x38mm
Ceramic fuse 3.6x10mm , 5x15mm, 5x20mm, 6x30mm, 10x38mm
Micro fuse 8x4x7mm 8x4x5mm
Pico fuse 3x7mm 4x12mm
Blade fuse mini,medium,maxi
surface mount fuse 0603 1206 1032 1025 1245 6125 4512

3)     Rated voltage 125V/250V/300V/350V/400V/500V/600V/800V/1000V

4)     Current 50Ma to 100A

5)     Package tape or bulk

6)     Color if appointed

7)     Agency approvals 
If you are exporting to USA, then you need UL. Korean- KC , Germany/Europe CE/TUV/VDE, CHINA-CCC CQC,JAPAN-PSE PET, CANADA-CUL,CSA,IEC,CB,ROHS,REACH,HF.

8)     Pls let us know if you have any special requirements

Tips : we have technical team , we can recommend fuse model for you according to your application, end product, application environment. For example, if you told me you are producing 3.0 Quick charging then we will recommend micro fuse MTS 3.15A 6.3A. If you are producing LED lighting, we will recommend surface mount fuse SET ,but it is only ref, you can check our datasheet and get free samples to verify.

Any problems, pls feel free to contact us .

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