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Introduction of 6.3A square slow-blow miniature fuse

According to the shape, there are round miniature fuses and square miniature fuses. According to the melting speed, there are miniature fast-acting fuses and miniature slow-acting fuses. The model of 6.3A square slow-acting miniature fuses is JFS1630TR, which is a time-delay fusing fuse, rated The current is 6.3A, and the rated voltage has two models, one is a 250V regular model, and the other is a 350V high voltage model. The segmentation capabilities of these two miniature fuses are 63A/350VAC and 63A/250VAC respectively.
The 6.3A square slow-blow miniature fuse is lead-free, halogen-free, small in size, reducing PCB space requirements, and can be directly soldered or inserted, internationally recognized, low internal resistance, shock-proof safety casing, and anti-vibration. The main application areas of 6.3A square slow-blow miniature fuses are battery chargers, consumer electronics, power supplies, and industrial controllers.
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