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What are the features of Micro Fuse?

Micro Fuse protects the circuit by fusing itself by the Joule heat of the current flowing in the fusible metal body to cut off the circuit.

Micro fuse is used as a protective element for electronic equipment, and glass tube fuse has been used for a long time. However, due to its large size, easy breakage, and inability to realize automatic installation, the demand for micro fuses in the industry is getting higher and higher.

The traditional fuse is generally used to protect the power input part as the main purpose. Nowadays, some changes have taken place, and fuses have derived many new uses, such as the protection of internal printed boards and ICs of equipment, the protection of input and output circuits, etc., which also increases the use of miniature fuses year by year.

Micro Fuse has the characteristics of small size, high sensitivity and rapid protection. Commonly used in switching power supplies, chargers, and small home appliance control boards.

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