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What does slow blow fuse mean? What does it do?

Slow-blow fuse is also called time-delay fuse. Its time-delay characteristic shows that it remains intact when the circuit has non-fault pulse current and can provide protection against long-term overload. In some circuits, the current at the moment of switching is greater than several times the normal operating current. Although this current has a high peak value, it appears for a very short time. We call it pulse current or impulse current or surge current. Ordinary fuses cannot withstand this current. If ordinary fuses are used in such a circuit, it may not be able to start normally. If a larger fuse is used, it will not be protected when the circuit is overloaded. The melt of the time-delay fuse is specially processed. It has the function of absorbing energy. Adjusting the amount of energy absorption can make it not only able to withstand the impact current but also provide protection against overload. The standards have provisions on delay characteristics. If the specified characteristics of the standard cannot meet your requirements, you can contact the manufacturer for a solution.