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How to replace the blown fuse


How to replace the blown fuse

I don’t even know where to change, please tell me the specific steps! anxious! !

Is the fuse connected to a cylindrical thing?

Is it necessary to pull off the electric switch before changing?

In addition, are there a few fuses? How to change? ?

Thank you!

Where is the fuse? Why can't I see it?

Why can't that box be opened?

1. First choose the same size fuse. Because the fuse does not work because it is too large, it may cause a fire when the circuit current is too large; the fuse is too small and it is too easy to blow, making replacement more frequent. So if you don't know the maximum current that the fuse is allowed to pass, it is best to ask the seller with the old fuse.

2. After selecting and replacing the fuse, remember to pull down the double-pole brake first, disconnect the power supply, open the plastic casing, and replace the broken fuse with a screwdriver.

But now the family seems to have no fuses, there should be more leakage protection switches (commonly known as air switches). It is recommended to replace it with a leakage protection switch, which is more convenient and safer.

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