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  • The 3535 UV Surface Mount UVC LED featured emission wavelengths between 270nm-280nm and 390-400nm with a narrow viewing angle. These UVC LED include a standard SMD process and a 120° wide viewing angle. The 3535-UV LEDs offer 20mW output radiant power, 30mA forward current, and 115°C junction temperature. These UVC LEDs function with 3V to 3.4V forward voltage range. The 3535-UV LEDs have a 3.5mm x 3.5mm compact form factor. These UVC LEDs are ideal for use in florescence analyzer, food and pharmaceutical processing, horticulture, and medical spectroscopy.

  • Multiple diseases may be easily caused by bacteria around our daily life. How to disinfect public tableware, communal facilities, hotel appliances, baby products, skin injury, mobile phones, computers, watches, and jewelry that are easy to germinate bacterium? One micro portable stabilizer can help you solve all worries. Mini Portable UVC LED Sterilizer Lamp can Prevention corona virus provides you with high-efficiency, portable, and safe environment...We can help you develop and product other UVC LED products !

  • Outdoor Portable Therapy Sterilizer Chip UVC LED is a ceramic based LED with high quality and reliability that is suitable for various UV applications. Customized available with powerful develop ability and we will make your ideas come true.

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